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Why HATCH chiles are the BEST

We Have Real Hatch Chile

Why Hatch ? 

Chile field in New Mexico

Hatch chiles are the best tasting chiles you can get. Why ? The Hatch valley of New Mexico is in some elevation. It is at about 4000 feet. So during the summer it gets hot during the day then it cools off during the night. So the chile is getting hot and cool. The chiles like getting cool and hot, that is what makes the TASTE of HATCH chiles the best you can get. The chiles from Mexico, Arizona, or anywhere else, it is hot during the day and warm at night, during the season. The chiles never get to cool off. So the taste of the chiles is different then the chiles that come from Hatch, New Mexico. Even in other parts of New Mexico, its hot during the day and warm during the night, again the chiles never get to cool off. The fact that the chiles are getting hot and cool is why the chiles from HATCH, NEW MEXICO taste the BEST. They are the best tasting chiles you can get from anywhere in the world. That's why if you only want the best tasting chiles you can get, get chiles that come from Hatch, New Mexico.

Chile field early in the season