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The fresh green chiles are only available when it is in season. You can get fresh green chiles in August and September. We start taking orders for the green chiles on July 15th of each year. We have different types of chiles, we have Mild, with little to no heat in it. Next is Medium, or Big Jim chile. Then there is Hot, and Extra hot chile. The hot and extra hot are the most popular of the chiles. We also have what we call Double X, or extra extra hot chiles. The double X is too hot for most people. It is a smaller chile with a thinner skin. We also sell Jalapeno chiles and the Juarito chiles, or yellows as some people call them. We sell the hot variety of Jalapeno and Yellows. Want to learn about how chiles are rated for heat ? Click on Scoville scale at the bottom of this page, and learn. We can also roast your chiles for you. There is an extra charge for the roasting. Check out some of the prices for chiles on the internet. We have the best price for fresh chiles on the internet. I have seen a 10 lb. box of hot chiles selling for $80, on the internet. We have real Hatch chiles selling for the best price you can get. We do not ship green chiles, but you can pick it up in Southern California. 

 FRESH green chile is seasonal

You want the best chile, get hatch chile
We have the freshest hatch chile you can get in California

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