Hatch Chile. 

Hatch chile is the best

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Make sure the chiles you get are from

Hatch Chiles ?


New Mexico

A lot of places that sell chiles say it is Hatch chiles. But it isn't. If you look on the internet, and check into some of the people that sell chiles they say it is Hatch chiles. But it is not HATCH CHILES. If you read the fine print, they say that their chiles come from New Mexico, just because it comes from New Mexico, doesn't mean it comes from the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. It could come from several other places in New Mexico. If you want the best tasting Chiles you can get, then get your chiles from Hatch. People claim their chiles are from Hatch, but their farm is in some other part of New Mexico. If their farm is in some other part of New Mexico, their chiles aren't Hatch chiles. Its New Mexico chiles, but it is not Hatch chiles. Hatch chiles are the best tasting chiles you can get in the world. Our chiles are from Hatch, New Mexico. Our family has land in the Hatch valley of New Mexico. So if you want Hatch chiles make sure the chiles you are buying are from the Hatch valley of New Mexcio, or you are not getting                          

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